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106 Captions and Quotes about Thassos to Spice Up Your Instagram Feed!

by | Nov 26, 2023 | ThasosHolidays

106 Captions and Quotes about Thassos
Here are 106 brilliant captions and quotes about Thassos for those beautiful pictures of the island. Ready to spice up your Instagram feed?


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Are you a fan of Instagram and want all your pictures to have a meaningful quote or caption? And are you also coming to Thassos? Then you’re just in the right place at the right time! Check this collection of brilliant quotes and captions about Thassos for those beautiful pictures of the island.

Check the following famous (and not so famous) captions that perfectly describe the nature of Thassians and all the nuances and traits of Thassos, Greece’s most beautiful island

akropolis thassos winter quotes about thassos

Best Thassos Captions for Instagram

1. Sandy toes and salty kisses from Thassos.

2. Thassos sunsets and endless blue skies.

3. Discovering the ancient ruins of Thassos.

4. The Aegean Sea is calling my name.

5. Thassos, please don’t ever change.

6. Thassos and its turquoise waters.

7. Captivated by the charm of Thassos.

8. Living my best Thassos life.

9. Incredible architecture at every turn in Thassos.

10. Thassos is always a good idea.

11. Thassos beaches are a slice of paradise.

12. Thassos: The perfect destination for history and culture lovers.

13. Short Greece Captions

14. Kalimera, Thassos!

15. Happiness is a choice. I chose Thassos.

16. I was born to wander, but Thassos makes me wanna stop.

17. Thassos and I are a match made in heaven.

18. Thassos island, endless possibilities.

19. Feeling the warmth of Thassos hospitality.

20. Thassos is like a chocolate box. It doesn’t matter where you go. All is good.

21. Happiness is a Thassos sunset

22. Thassos cuisine, a feast for the senses.

23. Living the Thassos island dream.

24. If wisdom begins in wonder, happiness begins in Thassos.

25. Greek mythology of Thassos, a spectrum of stories.

26. Thassos, where the past and present collide.

27. In Thassos, everything is possible.

28. Thassos, a land of passion and emotion.

29. Thassos hospitality, a warm embrace.

30. Thassos island, where dreams come true.

31. Thassos, a destination for the soul.

32. Thassos culture, a journey through time.

33. Thassos, a land of epic beauty.

34. Thassos beaches, crumbs of paradise on earth.

35. An ouzo with a view.

36. There’s no monotony in Thassos sunsets

akropolis thassos winter

Best Quotes about Thassos

All quotes about Thassos are taken from the amazing book Thassos Naturally, written by Roos Gruwel and Barbara Giannakou.

37. Away, to an unknown world, obeying the call of the endless sea. Getting away from it all, leaving behind worries and rut on the mainland…These feelings alternate as you board the ferry to Thassos.

38. Meltemi, Maistros, Vorias, Notias the names of the winds that rule the Aegean Sea and carried these elements to Thassos’ beaches

39. Unequaled tree. Unperishable tree, Blond olive tree. (Sophocles)

40. Thassos, too, has some twenty dances that are not found anywhere else. Dances are commonly accompanied by singing in the local dialect. The words are about everyday life, about love, and about suffering.

41. The marble from Thassos is world famous. It is one of the whitest kinds of marble in existence. Only the Italian marble from Carrera can compete in terms of whiteness. The Himalayas also contain pure white marble, but it is not excavated.

42. In ancient times, the islanders were capable of exploiting many of the mineral resources Thassos offered: coarse-grained white marble, gold, silver, lead, copper and iron.

thassos beach in limenas off season

Colored Quotes about Thassos

43. Thassos is turquoise, the water of the sea. Turquoise is the marriage of green and blue the colour of self-liberation

44. Thassos is black at night. By the virtual absence of light pollution, you are granted a gaze at the stars. Black is the subconscious life.

45. Thassos is red. By the terra rossa, the red earth by the red-ochre mines of the South Red is the colour of emotion the negative as well as the positive love and aggression

46. Thassos is blue by the clear sky. Blue is the spiritual potential of acquiring awareness.

47. Thassos is yellow. By the sun, who shines so much. Yellow is the quest and the discovery of harmony between thoughts and feelings

48. Thassos is green. The green of many a tree, bush and plant. Myriad shades of green. Green is the colour of the life-giving.

What is the mythology behing Giola

The Genesis Imaginary Quote: one of the most surprising quotes about Thassos

49. The book of Genesis describes how God completed His creation in six days. After this, he took a day to rest. He sat in his armchair, enjoying his day ions, but soon his eyes fell on a pile of stones. ‘Oh, I still need to process those’, God. He spun the planet around across his vision and a thought came to him. He came up with a game. The east part of the Mediterranean Sea didn’t have much room to spare, what if he tried to fling all of those stones in this region while trying not to hit the neighboring countries? All stones ended up in a good place, and they comprise the Greek islands. The northernmost island that God created is the island of Thassos.

sotiros tavern

The Retsina Thassos Quote

50. When we first came to live in Greece, many customs were unknown to us. One of them was “Pame gia retsina”. An appointment between friends to go out drinking retsina one evening. We Dutch expected to go to a pub, so before leaving home at nine o’ clock, we made sure that we had eaten some dinner. When we got out of the car, it turned out that we were going to a restaurant, rather than a pub. In this case, “Pame gia retsina” means: “Let’s go out for dinner.”

sotiros walk hike

The Oregano Quote

51. In late July, we hiked through the mountains of Limenas. As we ascended, we met a woman coming down the other way, carrying enormous lay-up bunches of oregano. We asked her what she needed so much oregano for. She told us that she gathers 75 kilos of oregano per year, to dry and sell to hotels and restaurants. She picks the herbs, removes the bad leaves, and hangs them up to dry in the shade under the pine trees.

After some ten days, the herb is dry. Then she keeps it in the sun for one more day, which is necessary to be able to properly take the flowers and leaves off the stems. The oregano is rubbed through a sieve to make sure that no large pieces make it through. The process involves many days of work.

Later on, we came by the place where she dries everything. The air was fragrant with oregano!

In Greece, dried oregano is very often used, to sprinkle over grilled meat. If added during the cooking process, it may give a bitter taste, so it is sprinkled over feta cheese, salads and meat just before serving.

Beekeeping in Thassos quotes about thassos

The Bee’s Mailbox Quote: one of my favorite quotes about Thassos

52. During one of my Thassos hikes, a guest commented that he thought very many people lived in the mountains. I asked him what gave him that idea, I couldn’t visualise what he meant. “Well’, he continued.

“There are so many mailboxes by the side of the

road, so there must be many houses nearby!”

Klisma tavern food no sharing food is one of the Thassos travel mistakes

The Nagasaki Thassos Quote

53. An amusing event occurred during a dinner in Thassos with Dutch acquaintances.

“I’ll have the Japanese mussels, please”, Jan said, as we ordered food in the restaurant. “Japanese mussels?” I asked, I had never heard of that.

“Yeah, over here it says ‘Nagasaki'”, Jan showed me.

I started laughing: “Oh, you mean Sachanaki!”

Plaka Beach with a drone during sunset

Thassos Wine Quote

54. You should see it, old wine presses, where grapes were pressed under people’s feet. I should tidy up around one of them a bit, there are shrubs growing all around it.

Have you ever heard of ‘Thassos nectar? It was glorious. People came from near and far to find this wine, they came from… what’s the place called again?.. Egypt! Yes, they came from Egypt.

In autumn, the bees make pure pine honey on Thassos, as there are hardly any flowers that bloom at that time, (only heath, cyclamen, strawberry trees, and ivy).

In ancient times. Thassos was well known to be a wine producing island. Remains of vineyards can be found all over the island, wherever they aren’t suppressed by the construction of houses and roads, and the cultivation of other crops, like olives.

Ancient times saw the trade of wine. Thassos’ wine was known even among the Egyptians. Thassos has the oldest wine-law on earth, it stems from the fourth century before Christ, and goes as follows: “It is forbidden for the island’s inhabitants to drink another wine than that wine which is produced on the island”. The penalty for drinking a wine from elsewhere could be as much as a year’s salary!

Theologos to Viewpoint Paradise Hike 5.6km one-way (3) thassos off the beaten path

The Visibility Quote

55. From whatever point on Thassos you look, with clear weather you can always see some dry land in the distance. In the north there is the nearby shore of Kavala and Keramoti, and the Kavala and Drama mountains, which bear a beautiful snowy crown in winter. In the west and south there is the easternmost extension of the peninsula of Chalkidiki, with the impressive holy mountain Athos at its tip, like a beacon. On the east side you can see the shore beyond Keramoti in the direction of Alexandroupolis and Turkey, as well as the volcanic island of Samothraki and, if the weather is on your side, even the currently Turkish Imbros.

Lastly, from the south you can discern the island Limnos, as a thin line on the horizon.

kazaviti hike quotes about thassos

Short quotes about Thassos

56. In former times, children on Thassos would smash a pomegranate on new year’s eve. The myriad pips would signify the many days of the new year.

57. Throughout the year, housewives on Thassos make preserves of various fruits and vegetables. This custom stems from ancient times, when there were no fridges or confectioners.

58. In the ancient era, the town of Thassos was enclosed in a city wall; the remains of the gates can be seen all around. The marble is weather-beaten now, but it used to be white.

59. Thassos is white by the white marble. White is the colour of clarity and purity particularly in our senses and thoughts

60. Thassos is a while light. ‘For its white marble quarries, its beautiful beaches and its while houses.’ 

61. Thinking of Thassos, I see an artist’s palette. The island confesses colour, irradiated by the sun she appears in all her beauty.

The ancient theater of Thassos with views over Limenas

Inspirational Thassos Captions

62. Live your life with passion, just like the Thassians.

63. Find your own path, just like the ancient philosophers of Greece and Thassos.

64. Let the beauty of Thassos inspire your soul.

65. Thassos, a reminder that life is a journey, not a destination.

66. In Thassos, anything is possible if you believe.

67. Take a leap of faith and discover the magic of Thassos.

68. Thassos, where dreams come true if you dare to dream.

69. The Thassians like all Greeks believed that life is about making a difference in the world. What will be your legacy?

70. A drop of Thassos is better than a sea of therapy

71. Thassos is an inspiration for dreamers and poets

72. Thassos is my playground

73. When life gives you sunsets, make them count

74. I’ll never tick Thassos off my bucket list

75. My morning coffee view in Thassos

76. A coffee with a view in Thassos

77. An ouzo with a view in Thassos

78. A balcony with a view in Thassos

79. All you need is Thassos, Thassos, Thassos

What is the height of Giola Thasos

Funny Thassos captions

80. Olive you so much, Thassos!

81. I’m going to myth you, Thassos!

82. Had a wonderful vacation in Thassos and one thing is for certain: I’ll be baklava!

83. Thassos, I can be your gyro baby!

84. I never want to leave Thassos. I falafel about it.

85. Feta stop eating so much but the food here is just too good!

86. Thassos, I already Arte-miss you.

87. You’re invited to my big fat Greek wedding

88. Thassos for the win!

89. Thassos, you stole my heart!

90. Myth me in Thassos

91. One ouzo a day keeps the doctor away

92. I followed my heart and it led me to Thassos

93. Being in Thassos never goes out of style

94. If I fall for Thassos, would you follow me?

95. Let Thassos be thy medicine

96. Thassos, a paradise on Earth

97. Thassos and I are a match made in heaven

98. Be a spanakopita in a world on pies

99. Living the tasty life in Thassos

100. Fresh from the sea to the plate

101. I’m too full, come help me!

102. Living the sweet life in Thassos

103. Look for the magic in every plate. Olive oil is magic. At Thassos restaurants.

104. Salt in my hair, sand in my shoes, happiness in my eyes. At Thassos beaches.

105. Do you sea me? I’m in Thassos

106. You may say I’m a dreamer, but look at this sunset in Thassos!

Conclusion on quotes about Thassos

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate list with captions and quotes about Thassos. If you have a quote or caption that you want to share, feel free to comment. If not, I wanted to ask: Which is your favorite quote?

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