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101 best things to do in Thassos: The Complete List for Thassos holidays 2024

by | Jun 28, 2023 | ThasosHolidays

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Are you trying to make the most of your Thassos holidays 2024? Check out this ultimate list of 101 things to do in Thassos!


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Table of Content

Are you trying to find things to do in Thassos 2024? 

Or is it your first time on the island, and want to make the most of your Thassos holidays 2024?

Either way, this complete list is just for you.

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Keep reading to discover 101 activities and attractions in Thassos.

Or jump straight to our top five picks for things to do in Thasos.

Curious? Let’s dive right in.

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Infographic Things to Do In Thassos

Visit the beautiful beaches in Thassos

Marble Beach View From the Side

1. Swim in crystal clear waters in Marble Beach

Perhaps the most popular and unique spot on the island, Marble Beach, will leave you in awe of its beauty. You will find it in a small isolated bay near the main marble excavation sites, from where it takes its name. Its stunning eternal waters and combination of white sand and small white pebbles make it a must-visit beach in Thassos.

Paradise Beach Busy Day photo taken from Above

2. Sunbath in the golden sand beach of Paradise Beach

As the name suggests, Paradise Beach will take all your worries away and leave you in a state of bliss and awe. You cannot do otherwise, as you are surrounded by a dense pine forest that almost touches the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. Not to mention the small islet a few hundred meters in front of Paradise beach.

La Skala Thassos Luxury

3. Feel like a prince in La Skala Beach

You will love La Skala less for its beach and more for its luxury beach bar. And that says a lot if you consider how crystal clear its waters are. Sitting furniture, modern decoration, comfortable sunbeds, pine trees, and hammocks all come together to provide a king-like experience.

Aqua Park Thassos in Skala Marion

4. Enjoy the small water park in Platanes beach

If you have kids, you do not want to skip a visit to Platanes beach and its fun Aqua Park. Not only will your kids love every part of the experience, but you will also be able to sunbathe in peace, with quality music playing in the background. It is a perfect family destination in Thassos.

Sunset in Skala Kallirachi Port and Beach

5. Spend a quiet afternoon on the beach of Skala Kallirachi

How about a calm, quiet beach in the middle of a traditional fishing village? Imagine sunbathing under a clear sky on a sandy beach while your kids play in the shallow waters. You are thinking of Skala Kallirachi, a traditional settlement in the western part of the island, known for its majestic sunset and charming atmosphere.

Tripiti Beach. Shot from a drone

6. Relax in Tripiti beach

Known for its rock formations and lengthy sandy enclave, Tripiti is one of the most popular stopovers for visitors on the island. Relax in a sunbed getting your tan while your kids play with the fine sand or swim in the clear waters. And for a scent of action, get to the beach volley area and have fun playing altogether.

The sunrise at Golden Beach Thassos

7. Walk the Golden Beach during sunrise

If you are an early bed, you would love a peaceful stroll on Golden Beach during sunrise. Golden Beach is a two-kilometer stretch of golden sand that surrounds the modern village of Skala Potamia. Throughout its length, you will find anything from traditional taverns and beach bars to high-end resorts and stores of any kind.

Plaka Beach with a drone during sunset

8. Enjoy the wild beauty of Plaka beach

Although most visitors prefer sand beaches, it is worth checking out a pebble beach in Thassos. If for nothing else, you will love how clean and sand-free you will enter your car on your way back. In any case, there is nothing like snorkeling above pebbles – the scenery is captivating. And there are parts you can find sand as well in the water. Plaka beach, near Skala Kallirachi, is one such pebble beach worth checking out.

Take a few walks to embrace the full beauty of Thassos

The ancient city of Limenas lies next to the modern settlement

9. Walk around modern Limenas, capital of Thassos

Surrounded by mountains, olive groves, and a forest of pine trees, Limenas offers some of the most picturesque settings you can find in Thassos. As the administrative and commercial center of the island, Limenas is home to a vibrant marketplace full of shops, stalls, kiosks, and even street vendors. Not to mention the lovely seaside taverns, cafe bars, and restaurants.

Skala Panagia Hike Loop 9km (1)

10. Stroll around the traditional village of Panagia

Panagia is a traditional mountain village famous for its multiple conduits and fountains, through which streams of water pass and reach the sea. And if you are an early bird, come here during sunrise and witness how the sun appears on the horizon, in front of the Golden Beach. Factor in the absolute peace and quiet of this time, and you are in for a treat.

festivals in thassos limenas winter

11. Walk in the Ancient Harbor of Limenas

Next to the main modern port of Limenas, you will find the ancient harbor of Thassos. See how peaceful and picturesque it is – nothing like its military past. Imagine how imposing the port would look more than two millennia ago, with tens of warfare ships protected by two circular towers on each end.

Sunset in Skala Kallirachi Port and Beach

12. Take a stroll in Skala Kallirachi port

Skala Kallirachi is home to the biggest fishing port in Thassos. Walking from one lighthouse to another will take almost fifteen minutes. Along the way, a unique sight of traditional boats and natural beauty will reward you. Not to mention the two quiet sandy beaches on each port side.

Kastro village in Thassos

13. Explore the desolated mountain fort of Kastro

Taking its name from the Genoa castle built here in the 15th century, Kastro is a mountain village only recently restored in the 1960s. It was an imposing fortified settlement that protected the locals from pirate raids. Thanks to the restoration work and its rich history, you will have the opportunity to walk among spectacular ruins over panoramic views of the local topography.

Tourist Train Thassos one of the fun trains on the island

14. Join a Fun Train ride

If you travel with children, do them a favor and join one of the fun trains in Limenas or the area of Panagia-Potamia. Your kids will love the whole setting, getting from one place to another while waving everyone on the way (yes, that’s a thing with fun trains). But, your kids don’t need to be the only ones to have fun: grab the chance to view the sights and beauty of the area at the comfort of a seat.

Pefkari to Metalia beach path along the coastline

15. Walk the path from Pefkari to Metalia beach

If you love walking on flat cement, but you still want to get a grasp of Thassos coastline, then you would love the path that leads from Pefkari to a viewpoint above Metalia beach. It is about a pedestrian-only pathway that is on the side of the main street of Thassos. Along the way, you will find several sitting areas from where you can enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

Visit Thassos historical sites and learn all about its rich history

Archaeological site of Aliki_

16. Explore the history and beauty of Aliki Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Aliki lies in a small rocky peninsula that was once a thriving marble quarry. And you can learn all about it while walking around the area, as there are many signs with detailed text and explanations. It will feel like walking around a museum, only without a roof but with the shadow of scattered pine trees.

The Tower in the Akropolis with the view over Limena on the background behind a pine tree

17. Walk to the Akropolis in Thassos

If you feel a bit adventurous, do not miss a small hike to the top of the Akropolis in Thassos. A well-maintained path leads from the west side, passing through the ancient theater. Along the way, you will see lonely ancient temples and the ruins of the old wall, let alone the magnificent views over the old and modern city alike.

The ancient Agora of Thassos

18. Explore the ancient Agora of Limenas

Right next to the archaeological museum of Thassos, you will find the entrance to the ancient market of Thassos. You will walk among ruins that date as far back as 600BC, while you will find several post signs to get a deeper understanding of what you see. As a tip, visit the Agora once you’ve been to the museum so that you can easier comprehend the glory of the ancient market.

The ancient theater of Thassos with views over Limenas

19. View the Ancient Theater in Thassos

Next to the old west walls of Thassos, you will find its ancient theater sitting inside a natural cavity of the hill that leads to Akropolis. Here, you will have a panoramic view of the old city and be able to recreate in your imagination the ancient plays and gladiator duels of the past. And if you are lucky, you may have the chance to attend a modern play and witness the supreme acoustics of the theater yourself.

tzines cave

20. Explore the ancient caves of Thassos

Thassos has a history that dates as far back as twenty millennia ago when the island was part of the mainland. During that time, our ancestors traveled to Thassos caves to collect ochre, which they used for painting and ceremonial reasons. You can still access some of these caves yourself, with Tzines Cave or Drakotripa in Panagia being the most famous. 

The ruins from the ancient temple of Dionysion

21. See the ancient temple of Dionysion

Surrounded by modern houses, Dionysion is a temple to the Greek God of wine that dates back to the 4th century BC. Although the site is now in ruins, imagine a 2-meter statue of the God with eight smaller sculptures around it. You can find the head and remnants of the monument in the archeological museum a few hundred meters away.

The view above Karnagio or Evraiokastro through a drone

22. Embrace the local history and views from Evraiokastro

As you approach the northern side of the city, you will come across one of the most superb locations on the island. Evraiokastro has been the venue of an old Greek temple that gave way to an old Christian Basilica. Although you can still see the remnants today, what you will love is no other than the panoramic views over the Aegean and the mainland on the horizon.

The ruins from the Sanctuary of Hercules

23. Take in the views from the ruins of the Hercules Sanctuary

Right in front of the town hall, you will have the opportunity to witness one of the oldest and most visited ancient temples in Thassos. The Hercules Sanctuary was one of the most important temples for Thassians in antiquity. After all, both Phoenicians and Parians, who colonized the island, greatly loved Hercules.

The Karakalla Arch ruins

24. Feel the Roman glory with a visit to the Karakalla Arch

The main path that leads from the ancient Agora to Heracles Sanctuary houses one of the most significant Roman artifacts in Thassos. The Karakalla Arch was once as high as 9.80 meters, commemorating the triumph of Roman Emperor Karakalla in Thrace. Today, the venue shows a sign of its past glory with several old marbles and inscriptions in a protected space near the old port.

The Silenn Gate still standing and with its paintings

25. See the 6th-century BC paintings of the Silen Gate

On the southern part of the modern city, you will find the remnants of the oldest wall sculptures in Thassos. The Silen Gate shows the mythological form of a Silen, a Greek creature of the wild, part beast, and part man. If you pay attention to the painting, you can notice its rich mop of hair above its horse-like tail.

The still standing ancient South Walls of Thassos

26.Walk along the still-standing ancient walls of Thassos

Thassos has seen its tall walls destroyed and rebuilt multiple times during its history. Persians, Athenians, Macedonians, and other tribes forced the demolition of walls, which locals always rebuilt in a matter of years and sometimes reached even the height of 6-meters. You can still walk along a well-preserved part of the South Wall between the Silen and Zeus Gate.

Zeus and Hera Gate in Thassos Town

27. Visit the Zeus and Hera Gate and get a grasp of past Thassian glory

In the southwest part of the old city, you can witness the remnants of the 4th-century BC Gate dedicated to Zeus and Hera. Its construction was a donation from a wealthy Thassian, when Thassos was a regional superpower in trade, thanks to its powerful fleet. Although now in ruins, the Gate still portrays important paintings and sculptures of the time, including one of Goddess Hera on her throne.

Ancient Tower ruins near the area of Alikes in Thassos

28. Take in the views from the Thimonia Tower

As you approach the beach of Alikes in southern Thassos, you will notice a hill that surrounds the bay. In one of its tops, you have the opportunity to witness the remands of a 6th-century BC tower, believed to have been the tallest in Thassos. Its job was to protect the marble queries in Aliki from land or sea raids from any direction.

Spend time in Thassos museums to get a deeper understanding of its culture

The Kouros in the Archaeological Museum of Thassos

29. Visit the archaeological museum

Located next to the ancient Agora, the internationally recognized archaeological museum of Thassos will give you a feeling of how island life used to be in antiquity. As you explore its interior, you will find a rich collection of invaluable archeological exhibits, ranging from pottery and jewelry to sculptures and statues. And once you step out of the museum, Thassos will feel a lot more alive.

Folklore items hang on the wall

30. See a traditional Thassos house in Kallirachi Folklore Museum

If you are curious to see how locals lived one to two centuries ago, make sure to visit the folklore museum of Kallirachi. Not only will you get an in-depth look into life in the 1800s and 1900s, but you will also have the opportunity to learn how past sailors used personal and professional items. After all, fishing and sailing have been the principal economic activities for the village during recent history.

Kalogeriko building in the ancient harbor of Thassos

31. Join cultural events in Kalogeriko

Right in front of the ancient port of Thassos, you will find the grand building of Kalogeriko, which houses multiple cultural events around the year. Check its calendar, and you may have the opportunity to witness anything from theatrical plays to cultural demonstrations. But even if nothing is on the calendar, you can still visit its interior and have a look into reproductions of old living quarters, workspaces, and kitchens equipped with traditional tools and furniture.

The beach of Metalia through a drone

32. View the open-air art exhibition in Metalia

Within walking distance of Limenaria, Metalia is a white-sand beach home to an interesting open-air exhibition of artwork. Moreover, know that Metalia is a historical venue known for the mining activity by the German company Speidel in the 1900s. Today, it is a popular regional attraction and a gathering point for locals and tourists alike.

The Polygnotos Vagis Museum in Potamia

33. See the artwork of a local sculptor in Polygnotos Vagis Museum

Thassos is full of historical monuments and interesting sights, but nothing compares to the work of a contemporary artist. And you have the opportunity to see several pieces of art made by the Thassian sculptor Polygnotos Vagis in Potamia. In his artwork, Vagis focuses on the wildlife and nature of Greece while he highlights the beauty of fish, birds, and starry skies.

theologos things to do folklore museum theologos

34. Visit the interior of the charming Tarsanas Folklore Museum

In one way or another, your holidays in Thassos will pass by Golden Beach and Skala Potamia. And you cannot but notice the beautifully quaint building on the side of the bay overlooking the small fishing port of the village. There, you will find the Tarsanas Folklore Museum, which houses folklore exhibits and various cultural events during the summer.

A traditional House in Theologos Thassos

35. See the inside of a traditional mountain house in Theologos Folklore Museum

If you would like to see how Thassians lived in the mountains two to three centuries ago, you don’t want to miss a visit to Theologos Folklore Museum. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore various everyday items and professional tools from farmers, carpenters, and sculptors. And you will even get to explore a special room dedicated to the art of the houses, including a local cloth-making machine.

Sotirelis Museum in Panagia

36. Learn the rich history of olive oil in Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum

If there is one tree you will witness all over the island, that would be the olive tree. The history of olive trees on the island is blended with fascinating mythology, including tales from the era of Phoenicians. And to get a deeper understanding of it all, you would love a visit to the Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum in Panagia.

Olive Oil in a bowl while a hand is taking some honey out

37. Explore a Traditional Olive Mill in Panagia

If you want to see how Thassians used to make olive oil more than a century ago, make sure to visit the Traditional Olive Mill in the mountain village of Panagia. It is a water-powered facility that presses olive and produces the famous Thassian olive oil Thassians have always loved. Although there are currently more efficient production methods, the olive mill is the last of its kind that still works in the entire country.

The Crown of Limenaria

38. Enjoy the sight at the Crown of Limenaria

A short walk away from Limenaria towards Metalia beach, you will find a modern piece of art made by a team of German students in 2005. It is about a collection of twelve two-meter-long Thassian marbles that stand in a circle, reminding you of British Stonehenge. Although the Crown of Limenaria will be the reason for your visit here, don’t forget to embrace the panoramic views all the way from Limenaria to the settlement of Potos.

Shop Thassos products and art pieces to remember your Thassos holidays forever

Jewlery lying on a golden color table

39. Buy a Thassian jewel from the Iris Gold Jewelry

For all those who would love a high-quality souvenir or gift to take home, make sure to visit the Iris Gold Jewelry in Limenaria. The store offers a wide variety of jewelry, some even handmade from locals in Thassos. Once you finish shopping, you can sit outside at the cafe and enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the long beach between Limenaria and Tripiti.

facts about Thassos Pottery houser in Limenas Thassos

40. Get a coffee mug from clay in Costis Pottery

As you exit the city of Limena toward Skala Prinos, you will see on your right hand a dirty road that leads to an old house. There, you will find Costis Pottery, which is a unique shop with a rich collection of handmade items from the owner and artist Costis. Not only will you love his artwork, but you will also appreciate his humor and openheartedness.

Kappa Art Gallery in Potos

41. Grab an eye-catching painting at Kappa Art Gallery

If you love quality art, make sure to visit the exhilarating and colorful Kappa Art Gallery in Potos. Apart from the kindness and politeness of the owner, you will also appreciate his unique talent in creating these masterpieces. No matter your taste, you will find something here to take home: from actual paintings and sculptures to jewels and installations.

Hand taking some honey from a bowl

42. Try the local Thassos products and prepare amazing gifts for your loved ones

As an island, Thassos is proud to produce products unique to the entire country. Thassos Throuba olives and Thassian honey are only some of the most popular items you need to try while you are in Thassos. Thankfully, it is easy to locate a store with local products all over the island.

Olive Harvest in Thassos Greece - Photo near Skala Kallirachi Thassos travel tips

43. Pack a liter or two of the virgin Thassos olive oil

Did you ever wonder why Thassos taverns and restaurants have such delicious cuisine? A known ingredient to their success is the local olive oil, abundant on the island. After all, almost every local has a few olive grove fields from where they take their own olive oil. So make sure you take some Thassos olive oil for your journey back home.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to check more about Thassos olive oil here if you want.

Visit Thassos monasteries, churches, and chapels and prepare to be amazed

archangel monastery in thassos

44. View the scenery from the Archangel Michael Monastery

One of the most visited sites and attractions in Thassos is the 12th-century monastery of Archangel Michael. Built on the side of the cliff, it will feel like it is coming straight out of a fairy tale. If you want an insight into a local religious building, then there is no way around not visiting the monastery. At the very least, you will love the view over the cliffs and into the Aegean.

Monastery on the way to Maries village sitting on the olive grove

45. Get lost in the woods near the Holy Virgin Monastery

Would you like to add a sense of pilgrimage to your Thassos holidays? You can search for one of Madonna’s most important religious icons in the region. You can find it in the Holy Virgin Monastery between Maries and Skala Maries. Although the building looks more like a chapel than a monastery, it is an important religious site of the island.

Holy Virgin Chuch in Panagia Thassos

46. See the 200-year-old Holy Virgin Church

In the northern part of Panagia, you will find the main village church dedicated to Holy Virgin. It dates back to 1831 when residents of Kastoria visited the island and erected the church with local funds and the support of the monastery of Vatopedi. As you enter the temple, it may be interesting to know that the building material in the church comes from ruins of Ancient Greek temples.

Kastro Hike Loop 10km (3)

47. Take in the views from St. Athanasios Church

If you want to visit a traditional church in breathtaking surroundings, make sure to drive to the mountain village of Kastro. There, you will find the St. Athanasios Church, which dates back to 1804, when the Sultan gave locals permission to build a temple using the stone materials from the village walls. Apart from its charm, you will also appreciate the magnificent views of the village and the valleys below.

St Nikolaos Church in the hear of Limenas Thassos

48. Embrace the architecture of St. Nikolaos Chruch

In the heart of modern Limenas, you will notice a stone church dedicated to St. Nikolaos. As a protector of sailors, the figure of St. Nikolaos is a loved saint for all Thassians, who relied heavily on the sea before the first signs of tourism. Locals erected the church in 1835, adding an architectural marvel to the town.

Forest in the heart of Thassos

49. Drive to St. Panteleimon Monastery in the mountains

If you are curious to see a monastery deep into the mountain heartland of Thassos, then you would love St. Panteleimon Monastery. You can drive here following a rural road that connects the monastery with Kazaviti. Apart from the magnificent scenery all around, you will also have the chance to visit a sacred cave once visited by St. Panteleimon.

St Dimitrios Church on the wat to Akropolis from the East Side in Thassos town

50. Follow the path from Limenas to the St. Dimitrios Church

If you reach the Silen Gate in Limenas, you can turn east and follow a dirt road into the woods. You will be walking under the shade of Akropolis until you reach a picturesque chapel dedicated to St. Dimitrios. There, you can enjoy the scenery around and sit down for a quick meal or picnic in a peaceful environment.

Chapel of Panagia near Skala Kallirachi Thassos

51. Check out the charming chapel of Panagia near Skala Kallirachi

Between the fishing village of Skala Kallirachi and the exotic region of Plaka, you will find a small charming chapel sitting next to the water and covered by the shade of pine trees. You can leave your car next to it and enter the yard, which is almost always open to visitors. Once you enter, you cannot but notice the change of temperature thanks to the coolness of the Aegean breeze dripping on your face.

things to do in theologos thassos explore history

52. See a unique Christian icon in the church of Agia Paraskevi in Theologos

Close to the Theologos folklore museum, you will notice a charming stone church that cries for a photo. As one of the oldest on Thassos, it is made of tiles and stone, making it one of the most picturesque churches in Thassos. However, the highlight of your visit will be the moment you witness the unique wax icon of the Virgin Mary made by Apostle Luke.

Taste delicious Thassos dishes and try local recipes

Klisma taverns eat right by the beach on top of pebbles with the waves centimeters away

53. At sunset, have dinner on a pebble beach in Klisma

Would you like to dine right where the waves fall on top of a pebble beach? If that sounds interesting, make sure to try out one of the two fish taverns in Klisma on the west part of the island. There is nothing like enjoying a traditional Greek meal overlooking a breathtaking sunset—memories of a lifetime.

Loukoumades plate one of the most famous sweets in Greece

54. Try the traditional Loukoumades in Limenaria

If you are a fan of sweets, make no mistake and try the traditional recipe of Loukoumades in Limenaria. You can taste these small doughnut balls in the heart of the village, opposite the picturesque port. You can try them with honey, cinnamon, or even ice cream!

Honey on a table ready to be consumed

55. Taste the delicious Thassian honey at Honey Factory

Did you know Thassos produces six types of honey: flowers, heather, pine, thyme, chestnut, and a unique local variety? If that sounds interesting, or you simply want to learn more about the natural marvel of honey, then you would love a visit to the islands Honey Factory near Skala Prinos. Not only will you get an insight into the mechanics of honey, but you will also have the opportunity to purchase a wide selection of products. Think of local candles, beeswax, sweets, and of course, Thassos honey.

Honey dessert on a pink dish

56. Try honey-soaked desserts in Ksilofournos

In the village of Potamia, you will find a traditional wood-oven bakery that is worth a stop. Not only can you try the local traditional cheese pie, but you can also buy delicious honey-soaked desserts. Two of their specialties are the Greek baklava roll, or Saragli, and the dense confectionary, or halva in Greek.

Sweet Pancakes in Skala Kallirachi Black Aroma Cafe

57. Taste the local version of pancakes in Skala Kallirachi

Once you enter the picturesque village of Skala Kallirachi, you will come across several stores spread around the main square. In the center, you will see the cafe bar of Black Aroma, next to a two-thousand-year-old olive tree. Apart from the quality coffee, you would love to try the local version of pancakes, which the locals also call crepes. And don’t forget to also try a salty pancake before you opt for the sweet crepe or waffle.

View the unique Thassos sights that will leave you breathless

Gournas Waterfall near Theologos Thassos

58. See the waterfall in the mountain village of Theologos

In the middle of the mountain village Theologos, a short path leads to the breathtaking Gournas waterfall where cold clear water comes directly from the source into two small pools. This is the scenery you do not want to miss. And if you are brave enough, you can even jump and swim in the super-cool refreshing waters.

In short, visiting Gourna Waterfalls should be part of your Thassos plans. By the way, if you haven’t decided on your Thassos itinerary yet, check one of my suggested itineraries for your Thassos holidays: a 7-day itinerary, a 5-day itinerary, or a shorter 4-day itinerary.

Giola Thassos during sunset

59. Take a photo at the natural lagoon of Giola

The most spectacular and photographed spot on the island is no other than the circular lagoon of Giola in southern Thassos. What makes this lagoon so memorable is its proximity to the sea from where the water joins and exits. No matter how windy or wavy the Aegean is, Giola is always calm and invites you for a peaceful swim in an atmospheric setting.

The artificial lake of Maries in Thassos

60. Enjoy the peaceful setting around the artificial Lake Maries

You will find the only lake in Thassos in the island’s center. The locals made it to protect them from floods and provide a steady water source for their fields. Although it is an artificial lake, you cannot but notice the beautiful surroundings, which invite you for a peaceful walk around the lake and into the forest.

Panagia Hike Loop 10.3km (3)

61. Visit the charming trio of springs in Panagia

Curious to see a site that carries a reputation of a wish-maker? Then, you would want to visit the three springs in Panagia, nicknamed the “Love Springs”. According to myth, local men come here to wish their wives to have boys. Even if you don’t feel I like making a wish, you could certainly enjoy a cup of coffee in the nearby cafe.

The harbor and village of Limenaria as youy see it from Palataki

62. Take in the views from Palataki in Limenaria

Overlooking the seaside settlement of Limenaria, Palataki is a two-roof grand house built in 1903 by an Italian architect. It used to house the offices of the German company Speidel which was in charge of the iron factory in Metalia. Although the restoration work is still in progress, it is worth walking to it only to enjoy a scenic view of modern Limenaria.

The sculpture exhibition near Skala Kallirachis

63. View the sculpture exhibition near Skala Kallirachi

Before you enter the seaside village of Skala Kallirachi, you will see on your left a sculpture exhibition that is worth checking out. You can park your car right in front of it and see from close the way the local artist turned these pieces of marble into a work of art. As you explore the exhibition, you will walk under the shade of tall olive trees. At the same time, the breezing Aegean breeze will be a welcoming touch to the experience.

Take part in Thassos festivities and celebrations all year round

Easter celebrations fireworks

64. Dance and have fun during Easter celebrations

If you happen to be in Thassos toward the end of April or the beginning of May, you will notice a spirit of celebration in the air. Greek Easter is one of the most joyful holiday times in the country. Not only will you have the opportunity to join the midnight celebrations in every village church, but you will often come across a show of fireworks organized by locals.

Carnival costiumes 2 elfs waving hi to each other

65. Dress up and celebrate during Carnival

Carnival in Greece is a period of festivities and an excuse to dress up. It starts ten weeks before Easter and lasts for forty days, until Ash Monday. And you will notice a spirit of joy all around the island, with the locals organizing and attending different parties and special events. Let alone the various parades of floats, where locals dress up as fictitious, mythical, and sometimes outrageous characters.

facts about Thassos Two people greek dancing on a beach during sunset

66. Eat, drink, and dance as much as you want in the Sardine Festival

Every summer, the fishermen in the seaside village of Skala Kallirachi organize a huge celebration in commemoration of the fish sardine. They offer local wine, frilled sardine, and live music – all for free. So if you happen to be in Thassos in the last weekend of July, you should not miss the Sardine Festival in Skala Kallirachi.

Fire flames as if they are dancing

67. Participate in the local custom of August Fire Jumps

Some traditions and customs in Thassos hold intact for several generations, and the August Fire Jumps is one of them. Here, locals and tourists alike jump on top of fireplaces in the open to dissipate the evil spirits. Next, they all have dinner and celebrate together. You can join such festivities on the 31st of July in Limenaria, Potamia, and Theologos.

facts about Thassos celebrations People celebrating with cheering with their drinks

68. Celebrate like a Greek on the 15th of August

The 15th of August is the most loved date for Greeks. It is the day that Greeks commemorate Holy Mary. Because almost one-fifth of all Greek women have her name, there is hardly a family who doesn’t have a reason to celebrate. No matter where you go on the island, you will come across hundreds of small and big celebrations in honor of the Holy Mary.

The church of Panagia in the village of Panagia Thassos

69. Join the festival of Holy Mary in Panagia

The village of Panagia takes its name from Holy Mary in Greece. Hence, the celebrations here on the 15th of August are out of this world. After the locals match the Holy Icon of Holy Mary around the village streets, there is a big table at the church’s yard with food and wine for everyone.

Two donkeys grazing on field

70. Witness the Donkey Race in Skala Potamia

The mountain village of Potamia is home to the island’s only donkey sanctuary, Thasos Donkey. Every year at the end of July, they organize donkey-racing events that are always fun to watch. Apart from the fun, you will have the opportunity to support a center that protects and improves the lives of these hard-working animals.

Potamia Hike Loop 10.2km (3)

71. Join the art festival Kazavitiana

The mountain village of Potamia is home to the island’s only donkey sanctuary, Thasos Donkey. Every year, at the end of July, they organize donkey-racing events that are always fun to watch. Apart from the fun, you will have the opportunity to support a center that protects and improves the lives of these hard-working animals.

Honey dripping down from the honey picker

72. Participate in the Honey Festival on the 3rd of August

If you are curious to taste Thassian honey before purchasing it, or you are unsure if it’s worth it, make sure to attend Thassos Honey Festival. It takes place at the beginning of August in the Agriculture factory and museum near Skala Prinos. Here, you will have the chance to taste local honey-based products, enjoy live music, dance, and, in the end, receive free honey as a gift.

Greek wedding in black and white

73. See a mock yet fun Greek wedding in Theologos

At the end of August, locals in Theologos organize the famous event of the Thassian Wedding. It is about a huge mock wedding celebration, whose preparations start weeks before. Other than its legitimacy, it is a proper Thassian wedding you would love to see from close. Let alone it is a great excuse to dance until early morning.

chapel Marina Kallirachi

74. Celebrate in the woods on the 17th of July in the St. Marina chapel. Near Kallirachi

As you drive from the seaside village of Skala Kallirachi to its mountain brother Kallirachi, you will notice a dense olive grove surrounding you. If you take a left turn to dirt road halfway to the village, you will reach the picturesque chapel of St. Marina, sitting in between tall olive trees. Although the location is worth checking out throughout the year, you should not miss a visit on its Saint day, the 17th of July, when a celebration takes place right into the chapel’s yard.

Join activities in nature to uncover the most beautiful and untouched part of Thassos

ebikes Thassos Tours

75. Discover a hidden side of Thassos with mountain biking

If there is one activity that will make you fall head over heels in love with Thassos, that would be no other than mountain biking. The island is blessed with natural marvels and unique landscapes that most visitors miss because of the difficult access. Thankfully, mountain biking gives the solution and allows you to explore the island’s most breathtaking side.

Sounds interesting? Contact us, rent a mountain eBike from us, and we will also gift you a full MTB map of Thassos with five unmissable routes you should follow with your mountain bike. Check our mountain bikes and ebikes here. We can deliver you bike to your accommodation too!

You can also choose to join a guided eBike Tour for extra peace of mind and comfort!

Safari on dirt road in the mountains of Thassos - Photo shot near Theologos

76. Join a Jeep Safari 4*4 for off-road driving in Thassos

If you cannot rent or find a mountain bike, the next best option to explore Thassos mountains is to join a Jeep safari. Although you would not have the same freedom nor access to many sights, you would still be able to get a look at the beauty of inland Thassos. And the best news: you would do all that sitting in the comfort of a car.

Two horses with people on top walking near the beach

77. Enjoy a horse ride in Skala Prinos

Horse riding in Skala Prinos is one of the most memorable activities in Thassos for families. You can take a stroll on a beautiful beach trail or even ascent into the mountains through a scenic hiking path. No matter your final route, you will love every part of the experience, especially if you have little kids.

Horse Carriage during sunset

78. Enjoy a ride on a Horse Carriage

Fed up with the typical ways of commuting and getting from point A to B? Or do you simply want to try something different and traditional? Either way, you would love a ride on a horse carriage in the villages of Skala Potamia and Limenas. It is about a traditional horse-drawn open-air carriage you can use for a romantic excursion or as a unique taxi ride home after a fun night out!

Olive Grove near Skala Kallirachi which was once connected with an old bridge

79. Join locals with Thassos Olive Picking and learn a lot about olive harvest

If you feel like trying something different in Thassos off-season, then you would love the opportunity to join locals in their daily olive picking activities. From the end of October until December, families, and friends all over the island meet in Thassos olive groves, which suddenly see a surge of activity and life. You are always welcome to join them and discover from close how exciting the olive oil-making process is.

Sounds interesting? Contact us to arrange discounted accommodation for you during the Thassos Olive Harvest Period. We will make sure you can join us in our daily activities and see life in Thassos during olive picking.

kazaviti spring in thassos

80. Have a picnic at Agios Ioannis near Megalos Prinos

While there are hundreds of breathtaking picnic points all over the island, only a few are known to visitors. One such unknown picnic point is right in front of Agios Ioannis Chapel near Megalos Prinos, which you can access through a dirt road. Once you reach the sight, you can use the wooden table under the oak tree near the chapel to enjoy one of the most picturesque picnics you can have in Thassos.

rent ebike Thassos : four of the mountain bikes you can use to cycle in Thassos or to rent ebikes

81. Discover the island and its villages on top of a bike

If you don’t feel like paddling your way uphill into the mountains of Thassos, you can discover most of the island’s settlement if you rent a road bike. Although having a car in Thassos is essential to get around the island, there is nothing like exploring one village and an area’s coastline on top of your own bicycle. You can even rent your own ebike, place it on the back of your car, and use it as you wish during your Thassos holidays.

Sounds interesting? Contact us, rent an electric tour bike from us, and we will also gift you a detailed map of Thassos with five unmissable routes you should follow with your road bike. Check our bikes here.

Join water activities in Thassos to create memories of a lifetime

Boat Trip Thassos view over sunset near Potos

82. Explore the other side of Thassos on a boat trip

If you want to discover the hidden side of Thassos coastline, look no further than a boat trip. You will sail through the waves and enjoy a never-ending spectacular landscape, visible only from the sea. Factor in the dives you will take from the boat every time you stop in a secluded bay, and you have all the ingredients of an unforgettable experience.

Scuba Diving man swiming next to fish

83. Join a Scuba diving class and explore the depths of Thassos waters

If you want to discover the underwater beauty of Thassos, consider scuba diving. With the guidance of experienced personnel, you and your friends will have the opportunity to explore a different side of Thassos, one that few see.

Snorkeling around small fish

84. Go Snorkeling and discover the beauty of Thassos marine life at your own pace

You do not need to join a scuba diving class to explore the marine life of Thassos. Snorkeling is always an excellent alternative in almost every part of the island. Some of the best spots to snorkel on Thassos are Agios Antonios near Potos, Plaka near Skala Kallirachi, or Marble beach at Thassos Town.

JetSki making rounds in the ocean

85. Cool off the steam with water sports in Pefkari or Golden Beach

If you feel like a break from sunbathing and Thassos sightseeing, consider joining one or two water sports activities. Although there are more than one venues you can find such facilities, one of the most prominent sites to do water sports is Pefkari. There, you can find a rich selection of high-quality and well-maintained equipment and speed boats that will ensure a fun time on the water. If you are near Golden Beach though, head to the watersport facilities in the area!

Sailing on a sailing boat in a clean day with views over the land beyond

86. Prepare for a memorable excursion sailing in Thassos

If you love the feeling of sailing in open water and following the wind, consider renting a boat from Limenas and going sailing. Thassos is a magnificent island to discover, especially when you can stop where you want and move at your own pace. You can also hop on an organized tour and let the captain and the crew arrange everything for you.

Yaghting in emerald waters with people on top sunbathing and having fun

87. Feel like a boss yachting in Thassos

What does the idea of sleeping on a yacht and cruising around the island’s shores look to you? If you would love to do that, you can always visit Limenas and go yachting. Thassos coastline is too good to only dedicate a single day to it.

Kayaking near Plaka in Thassos with views over the island

88. Feel one with nature while kayaking in Thassos

If you love water activities, but you are short on time or budget to rent a boat, the next best option is to go kayaking. Thassos waters will fascinate you for their calmness and clarity as you kayak your way. Even if you rent a boat, you do not wish to miss the experience and sense of freedom that a kayak offers.

Sounds interesting? Contact us, rent a kayak from us, and give you a map with 3 incredible routes you can take with your kayak.

mariamaria fishing trip thassos boat trip thassos

89. Catch your own fish by joining a Fishing Trip in Thassos

Although you may need to wake up early, joining a fishing trip will reward you with unparalleled memories and experiences. Not only will you have the chance to catch your own fish, but you will also get a look into how the local fishermen go on with their jobs. Let alone the hidden beaches and secrets that the captain and the crew will share with you.

Sounds interesting? Book your session and join a fishing trip here!

Hike in the mountains of Thassos and experience its raw beauty close-up

Hiking from Theologos to Mount Ipasrio which is the background here

90. Hike from Theologos to Mount Ipsario

The most popular hike in Thassos starts from the mountain village of Theologos and leads to Ipsario. You will follow an 8-kilometer path that will take you through ever-changing scenery to the top of the island. And the views you will have along the way are one of a kind.

The path to lake Maries near the waterfall

91. Follow the reek from Maries lake to the village

Although there is no proper path, you can still walk your way along with the reek that starts from the lake of Maries. Along the way, you will be walking in the middle of lush vegetation and a spectacular landscape. Since you may need to climb at one point, feel free to also return from the same path – after all, the journey itself is the destination here.

The scenic route from Kallirachi to Sotiros in Thassos

92. Hike from Kallirachi to Sotiras following a scenic route

You can start from the mountain village of Kallirachi and move your way to the neighboring settlement of Sotiras. Apart from enjoying the views along the way, keep in mind that you are walking a path that many locals used to take daily in recent history. After all, the mountain village of Sotiros initially was a colony of Kallirachi settlers.

Along the hike, you’ll enjoy unprecedented views of Skala Kallirachi and Skala Sotiros villages!

Olive Grove near Skala Kallirachi which was once connected with an old bridge

93. Explore old Bridges in Thassos

One of the few signs of human intervention you will notice hiking Thassos would be the architecturally beautiful old bridges. Most of them are made of stone and used to link the village square with the nearest water source. You can find them in different locations, although most of them are in the area of Theologos and Kallirachi.

Potamia Hike Loop 10.2km (2)

94. Hike from Potamia to Mount Ipsario

Although one of the most challenging hikes in Thassos, the path from Potamia to the top of the island will reward with a lot more than a spectacular landscape. The views you will have along the way are simply breathtaking. As you climb to the top, remember to occasionally turn your back and look at the bay around Golden Beach, which becomes smaller with your every step.

Chapel above Sotiros with the Aegean on the background

95. Explore old chapels in Thassos

No matter where you end up hiking in Thassos, you won’t be far from an old chapel. The church and locals have done a great job maintaining them in good condition. As a result, apart from the charming pictures you can take of the exterior, feel free to also enter the buildings and see the exciting work of local painters and sculptors.

The Maries Waterfall right next to the artificial lake

96. Look for the Maries waterfall near the lake

As you approach the artificial lake Maries in the island’s center, remember that the lake is not the area’s highlight. Just next to it, you will find a path that leads to a small yet beautiful waterfall within a few meters. It is one of the most fantastic places in Thassos to relax under the shade and with the soothing noise of never-ending water dripping down from the waterfall.

The path from Rachoni to Limenas in Thassos

97. Follow the scenic route from Rachoni to Limenas

No matter where you end up hiking in Thassos, you won’t be far from an old chapel. The church and locals have done a great job maintaining them in good condition. As a result, apart from the charming pictures you can take of the exterior, feel free to also enter the buildings and see the exciting work of local painters and sculptors.

One hiking route filled with such wonders is the trek from Rachoni to Limenas! Along the way, you’ll get glimpses of the picturesque village of Skala Rachoni and the stunning beach of Pachis!

Mountain biking in Thassos above Skala Kallirachi with views over the Aegean

98. Follow a breathtaking route from Skala Maries to Kallirachi

As you exit Skala Maries and turn towards Skala Kallirachil, you will see a dirt road leading to the region’s antennas on your right. Once you climb your way to the top, you can then turn right and follow the ridge towards the village of Kallirachi. As you walk the dirt path, you cannot but fall in love with the two 180-degree views, one from each side.

The path from Limenas to Golden Beach through Marble Beach

99. Hike from Limenas to Skala Potamia through Marble beach

Although this route is ideal to complete with a mountain bike, you can easily walk it. After all, it is a relatively flat path, especially if you compare it with other hikes in Thassos. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to take incredible pictures of the local coastline with the emerald waters all around.

Pine Forest or Dasilio near Skala Prinos

100. Explore the Pine forest near Skala Prinos

If you would love to take a completely flat walk, look no further than visiting the Pine Forest near Skala Prinos. Locals also know the area as Dasilio, which means the little forest. You will walk between tall pine forests that span all the way to the settlement of Prinos.

The village of Kallirachi sitting below the hill top names Kakirachi

101. Follow the short Poetry Tail to Kakirachi

Who wouldn’t love a short scenic route filled with tens of stop points to rest and read poems and writings carved on marble slabs? Rainer Maria Rilke and Goeth are two poets and writers whose work you will meet along the way. And did we mention the spectacular views you will have along the way? It is not by chance locals call this place the Balcony of Thasos.

If hiking in Thassos sounds like something you would love, check my complete hiking guide of Thassos!

The five top things to do in Thassos

Does this complete list sound a bit overwhelming? No worries, let’s break everything down into a shortlist of five best things to do in Thassos:

Best walk in Thassos: Skala Kallirachi port.

Best Thassos sightseeingGournas waterfall

Best Thassos toureBike Tour

Best hike in Thassos: The route from Theologos to Mount Ipsario

Best water activity in Thassos: fishing boat trip


Most Unmissable thing to do in Thassos: Mountain ebiking

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate list of things to do in Thassos.

Now, I’d like to hear from you: which is your favorite thing to do in Thassos?

Do you enjoy the peace and tranquility you can find in a remote location, such as Plaka beach?

Or maybe you prefer the action and adrenaline rush of mountain biking.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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You also want to be smart about the timing of your holidays, so check the Thassos weather patterns and the best time to visit the island.

My favorite times are late spring and early autumn, but you may also want to visit Thassos in winter.

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